Electric Submersibles


Conventional Suction Pumps are limited in their application by the efficiency of their priming systems and in practice such pumps are restricted to an effective suction lift of 25 to 30 feet, to such an extent that at 28 feet lift some 90% of the output flow is lost. For lifts greater than this an alternative has to be found. Submersible Pumps eliminate the problem of suction lift completely, and only have to cope with the discharge head and friction loss in the discharge hose. Having eliminated the limitations of the suction lift good output is maintained to great depths. Hydrainer Logo Colour     flygt dist logo 2        


Flygt Electric Submersible Pumps are the acknowledged market leader, due to their extensive range and proven reliability. When this is coupled with HYDRAINER’s Nationwide Network of Hire Depots and total commitment to Customer Service you have an unbeatable combination. HYDRAINER offer the newest, most modern hire fleet of Flygt pumps available in the U.K., and are developing a fleet that will be the U.K.’s largest source of specialist pumps aimed specifically at major projects and applications.


Our Market leading range of Flygt electric submersible pumps, is complemented by the addition of HYDRAINER “Plug & Play” technology. When using our equipment the only thing you really need to know is how to connect a plug into a socket! Plug the pump into the starter panel, Plug the starter panel into your power source and the pump is ready to use. If you require level control switches just Plug them in. The whole system is designed to be user friendly and easy to install. This concept coupled with many built in safety features and an inherent phase correction device ensure our submersible pumps are the most efficient and cost effective favourites of busy site personnel.   PlugPlayCabinet