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Submersible pumps are by design much more reliable than suction (“surface mounted”) pumps. Most failures in suction pumps are caused by problems associated to the priming system.¬† Priming systems consume power from the prime mover.

Submersible pumps have NO priming system.


HYDRAINER submersible pumps use less power, and therefore create less pollution with lower illus02running costs. Suction pumps are limited in the depth they can suck from, (usually about 7-8 metres) because they rely on creating a vacuum.

Submersible pumps don’t suck, they “push”!


Remember at 5m lift most suction pumps suffer an efficiency loss of up to 75%. ¬†Even at relatively shallow “lifts”, a suction pump will exhibit reduced performance.

A similarly rated submersible (i.e. same horsepower prime mover) will always out pump a suction pump.



This proven ability to utilise smaller engines to achieve the same performance levels as larger end suction pumps, offers real savings in respect of fuel costs.

Over prolonged usage these savings can often be greater than the total hire cost.