Innovations & The Environment

Environmental / Innovations Statement

The Hydrainer Group is committed to conducting our operations in an environmentally responsible manner. We consider compliance with statutory regulation to be a minimum level of performance. Our aim is to continually update, re–engineer and test our rental and transport fleet to ensure that the equipment used and supplied continues to be some of the most cost effective and environmentally friendly equipment available. The Hydrainer Group of Companies is committed to managing emissions and ensuring that all parts of our business consider carbon and wider sustainability within both our decisions and actions. To facilitate this we are currently developing our carbon management plan to encourage and track actions to help mitigate our emissions. We can confirm that all our delivery vehicles are fitted with Euro 5 engines and that we employ route planning and journey management procedures to ensure that the most cost effective routes are selected avoiding accident black spots and high congestion areas. To further support this, data sheets are produced for all depot locations to help monitor fuel and tyre usage. The design criteria used within the Hydrainer Group for all new pumping equipment includes wherever possible the ability to recycle components and materials, thus reducing both product costs and our impact upon the environment. The Group also complies with and exceeds the European Directive reference the minimisation of source packaging materials. All product development is undertaken with sustainability and emission reduction objectives as one of the main objectives. Innovation at Hydrainer is principally market led; we operate a nationwide hire fleet hiring pumping equipment to all market sectors. This interaction with our customers allows us to feed all comments/observations reference the performance of our equipment back to our manufacturing base. Monthly product development meetings entail following an agenda which includes a full review of all such comments/observations; innovations to our product range usually result from this continuous feedback loop. External issues such as changes to emission regulations and other legislative changes are also discussed at these meetings and the appropriate actions implemented. The Hydrainer Group, to date has implemented the following innovations:-
  • All hydraulic submersible pumps utilise bio–degradable hydraulic oil (Hydra 46).
  • The Hydrainer Group has designed and fitted bespoke hydraulic couplings to all its hydraulic power packs, hose and pump ends, thus eliminating the chance of cross contamination from other hydraulic products.
  • Hydrainer’s innovative hydraulic system and patented automatic shut-off helps to minimise the potential for leakages, and therefore protect the environment.
  • The Hydrainer Group now actively recycles and cleans all hydraulic oils used by the Company; this is redistributed back into the hire network.
  • Bespoke hydraulic testing equipment has been introduced into the Company to ensure the integrity of the hydraulic oil contained within the units is maintained.
  • The Hydrainer Group fit the most up to date and fuel efficient diesel engines to all new power packs.
  • The new Hydrainer Deci-Pac now comes with the following as standard :-
    • Auto start facility thus reducing needless fuel usage.
    • Auto charging facility to ensure battery integrity is maintained during long periods of idle.
    • Built-in bunded drip/spill storage to avoid pollution. We can also provide drip trays for non-bunded machines.
    • Market leading levels of sound attenuation.
    • Fuel efficient engines to latest EU guidelines.
  • Our fleet of electric submersibles is being augmented with a range of inverter drives which allow our units to be driven by lower kW rated generators thus offering considerable fuel savings.
  • New Starter Panels come with certain systems built in:-
    • Remote telemetry,
    • VSD/ Soft Start,
    • Miltronic systems.
  • VSD panels Available from 3kW up to 250kW.
Our hire fleet is both fuel efficient and cost effective and our constantly evolving range of pump ends ensures that we offer our customers advantage and added value when they are in a competitive situation.   We supply the quietest hydraulic power packs in the hire market, as low as 52Dba at 7 metre (on load). Unlike many other pump hire companies we always quote our Dba ratings under load conditions.

We are market leaders in Hydraulically Driven Submersible Pumping Equipment, and are ahead of our competitors in supplying environmentally friendly solutions.