Hydrainer offer our customers are range of accessories to suit your pumping requirements.

CO2 pH Balance Unit

The Neutralizer is designed to treat caustic (alkaline) water using CO2 gas, specifically targeted at the construction industry to eliminate hazardous chemicals from sites for safety and environmental protection. Find out more here.

Road Ramps

road-ramp-in-actionThe road ramp is ideal for reducing disruption where pipework extends over roads & footpaths. Environmentally friendly, minimal installation cost, 18 ton axle weight and can take 650 m³/hr flow rate.

Settlement Tanks

settlement-tankHelp reduce sediment and sludge discharge to water courses by using a settlement tank. Additionally, a Dirt box which incorporates a Dirt Bag, can be added to the system to further enhance cleaner discharge water.

GSM Telemetry Unit

The GSM Telemetry Unit can be programmed with a number of alerts including high water level, pump tripped and power failure.On activation of an alarm the unit will dial up to 5 telephone numbers in a continual loop set up until the call is acknowledged. The alarm message can be programmed to meet your specific requirements.

Drip trays/ Interceptors

drip-trayThe Hydrainer drip tray, a useful addition to any portable plant set up where environmental contamination from oil / diesel can be a hazzard. The unit features integral oil interceptor, sight level gauge and a water overflow system.

Fuel cubes

fuel-cubeDouble bunded, integrated fuel lines complete with self sealing coupling and a robust construction make the Fuel Cube ideal for extending the running time of diesel units between refuelling.

Discharge hose

Hydrainer can supply discharge hose to suit our pumps discharge, from 2″ to 12″ in a variety of materials. Wire Armoured, Flexy, Poly, Layflat and Steel (12″ only).


swan-neck-dis-elbowWe have an extensive range of adaptors for all of our discharge hose sizes from 2 ” to 12″, including Y-pieces, T-pieces, bends, valves, manifolds, special discharge elbows etc…